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🎉🎈Peachi Beauty is 1 ! 🥂✨

(as posted on Instagram.. .. )

So, as daunting as it is, I thought it was time to finally put my face on the grid and say hi!! 👋 (thank you to my husband for his patience and camera skills) 🤪 A year ago I opened the doors for the very first time after years of wishing and hoping that one day I would have my own little business, and, I can’t believe I’m celebrating the first year. 🥳🥳 HUGE thank you to all of Peachi Beauty’s clients, social media followers and everyone who has been there for Peachi 💓so many of you pass on my details to your friends and family and I’m so grateful for it 🤗 I can’t thank you enough for all the custom and continued support. 💕 There’s lots of very exciting things planned and already in the pipeline for year 2, new treatments, products, and salon updates!! I look forward to seeing and treating you soon! 🥰


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